Colors and Shapes

Sách Ebooks PDF, Epub, Prc Colors and Shapes Nguồn gốc: Random House, Tác giả: HighlightsNXBHighlights PressNăm XB15/08/2018, Trọng lượng (gr): 90.7200Kích thước0.0 x 22.0 x 15.0Số trang64Hình thứcBìa MềmSản phẩm bán chạy nhấtTop 100 sản phẩm Picture & Activity Books bán chạy của tháng. Thuộc danh mục sách: FOREIGN BOOKS CHILDREN’S BOOKS PICTURE & ACTIVITY BOOKS ACTIVITY BOOKS

colors and shapes


Identifying shapes, colors, numbers, and number words, and learning how to trace and write out letters are important steps toward school readiness for youngsters, and these interactive, travel-friendly activity pads help with with vibrant art, engaging drawing prompts, puzzles, matching, and more. Full color. Consumable.

learning numbers


Identifying numbers and number words is an important step toward school readiness, and Highlights(TM) infuses Fun with a Purpose into this essential learning activity. With vibrant art and engaging prompts, Learning Numbers expose kids to numbers through counting practice, fun puzzles, and other activities.

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