Combo Quickprep New Toeic 600 – Volume 1&2

Sách Ebooks PDF, Epub, Prc Combo Quickprep New Toeic 600 – Volume 1&2 Nguồn gốc: Cty Nhân Trí Việt, Tác giả: Michael A Putlack, Stephen Poirier, Tony CovelloNXBNXB Đại Học Quốc Gia Hà NộiNăm XB2019Kích thước21 x 29.7Hình thứcBìa MềmSản phẩm bán chạy nhấtTop 100 sản phẩm Tiếng Anh bán chạy của tháng. Thuộc danh mục sách: SÁCH TIẾNG VIỆT SÁCH HỌC NGOẠI NGỮ TIẾNG ANH TIẾNG ANH GIÁO TRÌNH -…


Combo Quickprep New Toeic 600 – Volume 1&2

TOEIC has long been widely recognized as one of the most effective tests in measuring English language proficiency in social life and in the workplace. For this reason, a TOEIC good score has become a requirement that many candidates have to meet, including those who want to work for big corporations and those who expect promotions, just to mention a few. For many people, TOEIC simply means a tool to help them acquire more opportunities ahead.

It is common sense that a solid competence in English is essential to achieve a high score on the TOEIC. But this is not enough if you do not get yourself familiar with the test specific format and testing points, which require careful preparation and intensive practice. Not only general language skill development is necessary, but you should also pay attention to specific tactics and strategies to tackle various question types and practical skills such as time management as well. One of the most proven effective method to build up and develop all these skills, tactics and strategies is to work on actual tests on a daily basis.

QuickPrep NEW TOEIC 600 consists of 3 actual tests with 600 questions, aiming to provide you with reliable practice material following the most recent changes in TOEIC format. These practice tests are designed based on a thorough analysis of authentic new TOEIC test items and with a clear purpose of familiarizing you with what to expect when taking the test, in terms of both the level of difficulty and the challenge of maintaining focus under the exam pressure.

It is our strong belief that this preparation book will assist you in developing the most effective strategies for you to conquer the TOEIC test and achieve your target score.

1. Quickprep New Toeic 600 – Volume 1

2. Quickprep New Toeic 600 – Volume 2

combo toeic preparation lc+rc - volume 1&2


Combo Toeic Preparation LC+RC – Volume 1&2

1. Toeic Preparation LC+RC – Volume 1

2. Toeic Preparation LC+RC – Volume 2

TOEIC Preparation LC + RC Volume 1 & Volume 2 are the right books for you − those who are planning to take the TOEIC test in the near future.

It is important to understand that TOEIC is not the kind of general English you have so far been familiar with. You must, therefore, know the structure of the test, especially the new test format, to familiarize yourself with the various kinds of questions and text types. Undoubtedly, TOEIC Preparation LC + RC series will meet your demand.

Firstly, both listening and reading parts are presented in one book, which is very convenient for users. Each section begins with an introduction to a particular part of the TOEIC test, explaining what it is like and providing
an example. Secondly, a wide range of exercises together with actual test practice throughout the book will enhance your test-taking skills, which may result in great success in the coming test. Finally, it is essential that you repeatedly do the practice tests in the book, check your work to draw experience and refer to additional materials in the same series.

TOEIC Preparation LC + RC series can be used in class with the assistance of an instructor or for self-study.

Through the step-by-step approach to learning and using test-taking skills, you not only become comfortable with the TOEIC test but also improve your overall English language ability.