Combo Reality Is Not What It Seems – Seven Brief Lessons On Physics

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Combo Reality Is Not What It Seems – Seven Brief Lessons On Physics

1/ Reality Is Not What It Seems

‘The physicist transforming how we see the universe’ (Financial Times)

‘An utter joy’ (Adam Rutherford)

‘A hugely engaging book… Rovelli is a charming, thought-provoking tour guide’ (Manjit Kumar Prospect)

Do space and time truly exist? What is reality made of? Can we understand its deep texture?

Scientist Carlo Rovelli has spent his whole life exploring these questions and pushing the boundaries of what we know. In this mind-expanding book, he shows how our understanding of reality has changed throughout centuries, from Democritus to loop quantum gravity. Taking us on a wondrous journey, he invites us to imagine a whole new world where black holes are waiting to explode, spacetime is made up of grains, and infinity does not exist — a vast universe still largely undiscovered.

Translated by Simon Carnell and Erica Segre

2/ Seven Brief Lessons On Physics


‘There’s a book I’ve been carrying around like a small Bible, Seven Brief Lessons on Physics’ – Benedict Cumberbatch 

‘With the publication of this million-selling book, Rovelli took his place with Stephen Hawking and Richard Feynman as one of the great popularisers of modern theoretical physics’ – Sam Leith, Spectator

Everything you need to know about modern physics, the universe and our place in the world in seven enlightening lessons 

These seven short lessons guide us, with simplicity and clarity, through the scientific revolution that shook physics in the twentieth century and still continues to shake us today. In this mind-bending overview of modern physics, Carlo Rovelli explains Einstein’s theory of general relativity, quantum mechanics, black holes, the complex architecture of the universe, elementary particles, gravity, and the nature of the mind. Not since Richard Feynman’s celebrated Six Easy Pieces has physics been so vividly, intelligently and entertainingly revealed.

Translated by Simon Carnell and Erica Segre

combo the life-changing magic of tidying up: the japanese art of decluttering and organizing hrd - nghe thuat bai tri cua nguoi nhat


Combo The Life-changing Magic Of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art Of Decluttering And Organizing Hrd – Nghe Thuat Bai Tri Cua Nguoi Nhat

1/The Life-changing Magic Of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art Of Decluttering And Organizing Hrd

This #1 New York Times best-selling guide to decluttering your home from Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes readers step-by-step through her revolutionary KonMari Method for simplifying, organizing, and storing.

Despite constant efforts to declutter your home, do papers still accumulate like snowdrifts and clothes pile up like a tangled mess of noodles?

Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo takes tidying to a whole new level, promising that if you properly simplify and organize your home once, you’ll never have to do it again. Most methods advocate a room-by-room or little-by-little approach, which doom you to pick away at your piles of stuff forever. The KonMari Method, with its revolutionary category-by-category system, leads to lasting results. In fact, none of Kondo’s clients have lapsed (and she still has a three-month waiting list). 

With detailed guidance for determining which items in your house “spark joy” (and which don’t), this international bestseller featuring Tokyo’s newest lifestyle phenomenon will help you clear your clutter and enjoy the unique magic of a tidy home—and the calm, motivated mindset it can inspire.

2/Nghe Thuat Bai Tri Cua Nguoi Nhat

Hay bien ngoi nha cua ban thanh mot khong gian luon ngan nap va sach se voi phuong phap KonMari ky dieu. Chuyen gia sap xep va don dep nguoi Nhat, Marie Kondo, se giup ban don sach cac can phong mot lan cho mai mai voi cac phuong phap truyen cam hung duoc thuc hien theo tung buoc.

Diem mau chot de thanh cong trong viec don dep nha cua la ban phai thuc hien theo thu tu dung, chi giu lai nhung thu ban that su yeu thich va lam tat ca cung luc – va that nhanh. Sau do, trong suot phan doi con lai, ban chi can lua chon giu lai thu gi va bo di thu gi.

Phuong phap KonMari se khong chi bien doi khong gian cua ban. Khi ban giu duoc trat tu cho ngoi nha cua minh, toan bo cuoc song cua ban cung se thay doi. Ban co the cam thay tu tin hon, tro nen thanh cong hon, va co the co nang luong va dong luc de tao ra cuoc song ma ban mong muon.

Sau khi doc cuon sach “Nghe thuat bai tri cua nguoi Nhat: Phep mau thay doi cuoc song”, ban se co can dam de but ra khoi nhung khia canh tieu cuc trong cuoc song: Ban co the nhan ra va cham dut mot moi quan he chang ra gi; ban co the khong cam thay lo lang nua, va cuoi cung ban co the giam can nhu y.

Phuong phap cua Marie Kondo dua tren ton chi can “da sach se mot lan thi se khong bao gio bua bon nua”. Neu ban nghi dieu do that khong tuong, chac chan la ban nen doc cuon sach hap dan nay.

Cuon sach da duoc xuat ban sang 33 thu tieng. Da ban duoc 1,5 trieu ban tieng Nhat va hon 2 trieu ban tieng Anh. Va lien tuc dung dau tren cac bang xep hang cua: Amazon, New York Times, Brazilian Newspaper, German Newspaper….

Cuon sach gom nhung noi dung chinh nhu sau

Loi noi dau

1. Tai sao toi khong the giu nha cua gon gang, ngan nap ?

2. Dau tien, hay biet tu bo

3. Don dep bang cach phan loai

4. Cat giu do vat ngan nap

5. Tac dung cua viec don dep : Khien cuoc song bien chuyen dieu ki

Loi bat.

Thong tin tac gia:

Marie Kondo bat dau doc cac tap chi noi tro tu luc 5 tuoi, yeu thich trat tu va ve dep cua nhung khong gian duoc sap xep dep de ma nhin thay trong nhung to tap chi do. Sau do, khi 15 tuoi, bat dau tim hieu nghiem tuc ve viec don dep nha cua. Co bat dau voi phong ngu cua chinh minh va sau do chuyen sang phong ngu cua cac anh chi em trong nha. Gio day, dieu hanh mot cong viec kinh doanh dich vu tu van thanh cong o Tokyo nham giup do cac khach hang bien ngoi nha bua bai cua ho thanh nhung khong gian dep, yen binh va day cam hung.