Sách Ebooks PDF, Epub, Prc DARK TREE SHINING Nguồn gốc: Grantham Book Services, Tác giả: Paula HarrisonNXBNosy Crow LtdNăm XB27/10/2015, Trọng lượng (gr): 270Kích thước1.0 x 19.0 x 12.0Số trang288Hình thứcBìa MềmSản phẩm hiển thị trongGrantham Book ServicesSản phẩm bán chạy nhấtTop 100 sản phẩm Fiction For Teen bán chạy của tháng. Thuộc danh mục sách: FOREIGN BOOKS CHILDREN’S BOOKS FICTION FOR TEEN FANTASY


Laney and her friends have found the first Myrical. But there are four more hidden somewhere and if they fall into the Shadow Faerie’s hands, his power will strengthen and the faerie world will fall under his dark reign.

But Laney has problems of her own. Her magic never seems to work properly and her dad doesn’t want her to get involved with the tribes at all.

dinosaur pirate hb


Our intrepid team of dinosaurs are back but this time they are pirates in search of buried treasure! Having navigated their way to a desert island and dug up their booty, they are just sailing away when they are ambushed by a fearsome band of marauding baddy-pirates!