Old Hat

Sách Ebooks PDF, Epub, Prc Old Hat Nguồn gốc: Macmillan Publishers , Tác giả: Emily Gravett NXB Pan MacMillan Năm XB 2017 , Trọng lượng (gr): 300 Kích thước 23.1 x 0.8 x 26.8 Số trang 32 Hình thức Bìa Cứng Sản phẩm bán chạy nhất Top 100 sản phẩm Fiction For Teen bán chạy của tháng. Thuộc danh mục sách: Foreign books / Children’s Books / Fiction For Teen / Family /

old hat


Harbet likes his comfy knitted hat, but the others keep jeering at him – OLD HAT! OLD HAT! No matter what headwear he buys – be it a towering fruit platter hat, an old-boot-on-the-head hat or a brightly lit traffic cone hat, Harbet cannot keep up with the latest fashions. As soon as he gets a brand new hat it is already an . . . OLD HAT! It seems that Harbet will never fit in. But when one day he decides to go his own way, Harbet discovers just how much more fun it is to stop following others and think for yourself.

a perfect day


Whether basking in the warmth of the sun, nibbling on a fresh yellow corn-on-the-cob, or cooling off in a clear pool of water, it is a truly beautiful afternoon for all… what could possible go wrong?

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