Storyteller’s Secret

Sách Ebooks PDF, Epub, Prc Storyteller’s Secret Nguồn gốc: Macmillan Publishers , Tác giả: Carmine Gallo NXB St. Martin’s Griffin Năm XB 27/06/2017 , Trọng lượng (gr): 227 Kích thước 1.0 x 20.0 x 14.0 Số trang 288 Hình thức Bìa Mềm Sản phẩm bán chạy nhất Top 100 sản phẩm Business & Management bán chạy của tháng. Thuộc danh mục sách: Foreign books / Business, Finance & Management / Business & Management / Management & Management Techniques / Management: Leadership & Motivation /

storyteller's secret


They told brilliant stories.

furiously happy


“I’ve often thought that people with severe depression have developed such a well for experiencing extreme emotion that they might be able to experience extreme joy in a way that ‘normal people’ also might never understand. And that’s what Furiously Happy is all about.”

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